Monday, November 28, 2011

Neither Eloquent nor Poetic

It has been one day shy of a week off of work. It has been a relatively pleasant time off. Aside from the three days spent living in the bathroom while running anywhere from a mild fever up to a decent 104. It was a long three days just past. In retrospect I think that I would have rather been at work. It did get me thinking a bit though about those dear to me in a far worse predicament than living in a bathroom with wicked diarrhea and a fever. All of those boys over seas stuck in the giant sandbox of the middle east who didn't get to see their families this holiday, including one of my best friends, Jason. My heart goes out to him, and their families who want nothing more than to have them home. Out of respect for them, I will not sit and bitch endlessly about returning to work tomorrow, as much as I might like to. There are worse predicaments to be in. I should be grateful that I get to return to work tomorrow when so many out there don't have that opportunity. Being sick did inspire me to pick up my guitar again and give it a go. I must say that I was pleasantly reminded just how much pleasure I find in making music, albeit bad music (lol).

To everyone out there, Happy Thanksgiving.

Friday, November 18, 2011

Banana Bites...mmmmm...

Today at work we learned we have been overlooked again for financial incentives in R&D. While some portions of our company received bonuses, we have been left out again. I am feeling more than a little taken for granted. Such is life I suppose. It is hard to tell yourself "to be thankful I have a job, when so many are without one," indefinitely though. At some point something has to change.


Carb adustments:

Doohickey Mod:

Highway Pegs How-to:

Heated Grips - $20 from :  

Side stand & Clutch Switch Bypass:

Variety of Mods and How-tos:
12V Waterproof outlet Acerbis Disk Installation Balancer Adjustment
Brake Pads Cam Chain Timing Carb Air Mixture
Carb Rain T Mod Decalifornication Doohickey Upgrade
Easy Lift Fork Oil Change Horn Upgrade
Hydrolic Clutch JC Whitney Trunk Maier Woods Pro
Mirror Mount Repair Oil Screen Cleaning Time-SERT
Radiator Cooling Mod Ramp Loading Safety Switch bypass
Shark Fin Installation Shim Storage Box Shim Value Table
Superbrace Swingarm Maintenance Torque Values
Tube Valve Tools TWC ACC Fuse Kit TWC Fuse Relocation Kit
Valve Adjustment Vista-Cruise Lock Water Pump Seals
Wheel Alignment

Low Buck Exhaust Mod:

Link For KLR 650 Mods List

This is a list composed by some close friends of mine and myself for modifications intended for a KLR 650. This is a work in progress that I hope will become a resource for at least a few riders out there.


Ride hard, and ride safe!