Friday, November 18, 2011


Carb adustments:

Doohickey Mod:

Highway Pegs How-to:

Heated Grips - $20 from :  

Side stand & Clutch Switch Bypass:

Variety of Mods and How-tos:
12V Waterproof outlet Acerbis Disk Installation Balancer Adjustment
Brake Pads Cam Chain Timing Carb Air Mixture
Carb Rain T Mod Decalifornication Doohickey Upgrade
Easy Lift Fork Oil Change Horn Upgrade
Hydrolic Clutch JC Whitney Trunk Maier Woods Pro
Mirror Mount Repair Oil Screen Cleaning Time-SERT
Radiator Cooling Mod Ramp Loading Safety Switch bypass
Shark Fin Installation Shim Storage Box Shim Value Table
Superbrace Swingarm Maintenance Torque Values
Tube Valve Tools TWC ACC Fuse Kit TWC Fuse Relocation Kit
Valve Adjustment Vista-Cruise Lock Water Pump Seals
Wheel Alignment

Low Buck Exhaust Mod:

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