Tuesday, April 17, 2012

First Group Dinner Ride

Tonight is the first of our monthly dinner rides at CII (my work). We are planning on running some of the roads around Weston across to 116 and then over to Atchison for dinner. Should be a good time. I was hoping that my buddy on his CBR would show but family activities came up, perhaps next month.

This is actually going to be the first of two groups rides for me this week. I will also be leading a ride on Saturday. There may only be three bikes on that ride unfortunately though, at least that is how things are looking right now. Kind of makes me wish I had done Arkansas again this weekend instead of agreeing to lead/ plan the ride. Should be a good time either way though and hopefully more people will show up in the end.

Follow up:
Well, thanks to a couple detours along the way we ended up running Hwy5 to 435 to N to a little known back road I will not share, up to Weston up P across H and back down to O'Mallys. It was a nice ride. Took about an hour and nine minutes to run. The food was great down at O'Mally's and I finally ventured into the underground bar. I am planning on going back Saturday night with my wife and checking it out again.

Here are some crappy photos from the underground to give you an idea: