Wednesday, September 19, 2012

V-Strom 1000 Valve Check/ Adjustment

As you can see from the variety of mechanical how-to posts, I am getting ready for winter. I need some projects ready to go, to help me get through those rough couple months that are devoid of motorcycle riding. I figure if I can ride them, I ought to go ahead and do all the work on them so when I can ride them I won't need to be out in the garage tearing them apart nearly as often.

This is a great site for backing up the manual! If you don't have the manual then get one!,10845.0.html

Side Note: Notice in reading through that, it mentions that you must re-balance the throttle bodies after the valve adjustment. Here is a link:;topic=10839.0

Here is a how to link for making your own throttle body sync tool:,10838.0.html and are both great sources for questions or information.

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