Thursday, November 1, 2012

KDX 200 Coming Right Along

Last night, I worked some more on Jessie's KDX. I installed a new chain and sprocket set, a new exhaust seal that she is very excited about, and did an oil change. The front sprocket I pulled, was missing numerous teeth after this weekend's fun. I have returned the bike to stock gearing, which should help Jessie with her riding. I am installing a new clutch perch, lever, and cable tonight in the hopes of making the clutch a much easier pull. It is a very hard pull currently and would wear out a beginner rider's forearm very quickly! The bike should be ready to go again after tonight. I am hoping to get Jessie on some very simple trails this weekend for some extra practice. She has the basics down and just needs an opportunity to practice the skills in a situation where it is not her only focus. Going in circles in a big grass lot, while safe, gives a little to much time to consider every aspect of what you are doing and not really enjoy your ride. Teach her to ride has been an exercise in patience. I am a moto-addict and want to get out and practice ALL the time and she is much more of a recreational rider. I am extremely happy that the first lesson was not the last. Hopefully she will enjoy riding in the ORV parks even more than I hope she will and we can get out together more often.

So far she has practiced braking, getting the bike going, switching gears, kick starting, wide radius turns, and swerving around a series of obstacles. It has gone extremely well but presents a variety of challenges. I need to get her self confidence up and that means making sure she is successful. Slow and steady seems to be the biggest help for her personally with just an occasional nudge from me to get her to try something new. I really wish that I had looked into teaching the MSF classes more than I did. I would really enjoy helping new riders and sharing some of the many lessons I learned "the hard way,"

The next morning:
So, everything went in smoothly! That new clutch lever is butter smooth!!! It is fantastic and looks great. It is longer than the stock lever but it was a great upgrade. I highly recommend this to anyone who is tired of a sore forearm or just wants an easier pull. I have never had a clutch lever this smooth and that includes the brand new bikes that I have ridden!! I think that this is going to be a wonderful upgrade for my wife.

Also, I throw Rotella in just about every bike I own. I swear by the stuff normally. I have to say though, that I switched to Castrol 10W-40 full synthetic in the kdx and it has made a world of difference. No more fighting to find neutral or fighting to find a gear while. It shifts smoothly in and out of each gear. I will still use Rotella in a lot of things but, as far as my wife's KDX, I will be using a moto full synthetic oil from now on.

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