Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Snowboarding Season Starts late

Well, it's official. Snow creek is not going to open until a week after they planned because of the unseasonably warm weather in our area. My brother can't wait though. He had it set in his mind he was going to get to snowboard this weekend and that's his plan. To facilitate this we may or may not be driving to Colorado on Friday night to go to Loveland in Colorado! No plans are finalized just yet but the idea is being thrown around.

Later: Well, change of plans. It seems that it is just too early and NO ONE has much snow. We looked at the national snow report and even the big resorts are only partially open at the moment. It makes it hardly worth it to drive all the way out to Colorado so we are saving our tires and our gas money for a weekend when everything may actually be open at one of the closer resorts on the east side of the rocky mountains. It was a good idea but mother nature just doesn't seem to want to cooperate. I guess we will have to find something local to keep us busy in the mean time.

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