Friday, February 15, 2013


Just because things are not what I thought they would be, it doesn't mean they are bad. Still, it will take some time to reassess and readjust to how they are. Trying to take stock and accept that I may have jumped to a few conclusions a bit prematurely.

A few more days, then we board a flight for Australia. Hopefully, it will be just the thing we need to collect our thoughts and re-fuel. We have worked really hard these past few weeks and it is hard to work long hours and come home only to work at home to prepare to sell our house. We can only hope that all the extra sweat and elbow grease really makes a difference on both fronts.

I have learned a lot these past few weeks and can't wait until I can be more of an asset in my department. It has been a good chance to really step up and apply myself to what we do but, there is so much in flux it is tough to see where I will fit when the dust settles. I suppose if you like what you do, then a title should be the least of your concerns.

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