Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Home Sweet home

We finally got into our new home! Now that the fun of unpacking is nearly complete, we have begun the series of upgrades and repairs to change the house into a home. We started with the the kitchen and outdoors. We removed the wallpaper, deep cleaned, painted, and now we are prepping for tile. Outside I have been trimming the trees and clearing brush. At one point the brush pile was nearly the size of our garage but we have spent evenings burning off the pile and have gotten to a nearly reasonable amount.

The garage repairs are moving right along as well. I have paint on every wall now, but have yet to finish the ceiling. It has been hard work but the progress is steady.

Next on the list is the septic system. I need to replace the aerator and am in the process of researching the procedure. I have yet to decide if I want to tackle the task or not.

When we are not working on our home, we hope to get out and enjoy some of the local entertainment throughout our little community.


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