Friday, March 28, 2014

Wood Working Exploits

So, we are delving into a bit of wood working at our house in a effort to use old scrap wood and save money by building things we would like to have at the house. In an effort to pursue this new found money saving hobby I have found the following resources.
Router Tips
Router Tips 2
Joining Boards with Cheap but Professional results

Follow-up: So, a few of the results from this weekend's wood working projects:

Jewelry Box
There was a third project as well but I forgot to take some photos. These were all made with lumber that most people would have thrown away long ago. Most of it was scrap from an old fence that I took down. The total cost was simply invested into stain and time in the end. A few more projects are planned for the near future and will hopefully turn out even better than the ones so far.

Present for some friends getting hitched

The temporary baby chick "holding" tank until they get a bit bigger. This was designed to be a short term solution with a long term use. After the baby chicks are done with this, it will be washed and sanitized and turned into our new deck box for outdoor storage. All made with scraps from other projects.

Follow-up: 3/27-28/14
So here are a few projects from the last couple days that in progress. I am about half way finished with the end table (below) and the bird house cost me less than $2 in supplies. Both are made with only scraps left over from other projects. I have maybe $6 in the end table once I finish it.

Made some good progress last night on these two. However, the table looks very plain. I think that to liven things up a bit I am going to run a jig saw down the legs to give them a flowing wavy look. Then, some sanding, stain, top coat, and then it is time to sit back and enjoy!

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