Tuesday, May 27, 2014

KDX 200 Exhaust Valve (KIPS system)

Although it is out of focus, this photo is what my exhaust valve looked like when I first opened it up. You can clearly see it is black and filthy in there. The bike is much more responsive now! It took three evenings to tear everything down and get where I needed to be but I finally got everything put back together Saturday and it kick starts on the first kick now! If you haven't torn it open, it is worth the time and costs virtually nothing but time.

This is the exhaust valve after it was cleaned up. It may still look a little dirty but it is spotless by comparison!! The sub valves were a mess as well. Virtually everything was covered in black sludge from being run too rich. 

  All the parts set aside while I removed the motor.       

 Rather than pull the cylinder head, I removed the right side cover to get the actuator arm out of the way for the main exhaust valve rod removal. In hindsight I am not sure it was the easiest of the two choices but it worked. It did mean an oil changed whether I wanted to or not though.

Three days later and all put back together. I highly recommend the online manual through Amazon.com!

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