Tuesday, September 22, 2015

Showing Dad how

Clearly I was not doing it correctly so he decided to show me how.

Another day with dad

Matt and I had our second day home alone today. Although we had a few rough spots it went very well the last couple days. Jessie has had a hard time being away but she is very happy when she gets home to Matt and I. We are loving the cloth diapers. They're easy to work with and save us a bundle. Occasionally we go through more than we would if we were using disposable because he can feel the moisture but all in all I would say it is worth the trade.

Tuesday, September 15, 2015

Family visit and a daily dose of Matty!

Monday, August 31, 2015

A long Sunday Night

After only sleeping for about two hours someone is worn out! Matty looks tired too!

Friday, August 28, 2015

Closing out August with some old friends and a new one

It's been a great week! Matt got to meet some more of his out of town family Kellie, Aiden, and Alice. Although we were sad Andrew couldn't join us, it was a great couple days hanging out and catching up with Kellie and the kids. It is always hard when it comes time for them to go but we will get to see them again in a couple months!
 The vstrom sold finally and the replacement was found! This is the same year and model as Chris' bike and I am loving the new FZ1.

Mattie took his first bottle and did great! Mom no longer has the monopoly on feeding time ;) !

Monday, August 24, 2015

Another week gone!

Very excited about my 2nd Dr. appointment (can't you see the excitement!!??). Also, I gained a pound and a half!! I am now nine pounds and mommy and daddy can sleep until I decide they should wake up! No more 2-3 hour automatic wake up calls for Mom and Matty! Doc says I am healthy, happy, and gaining a bit too much weight so I should cut back on feedings (that's why mom and dad can now sleep a bit more). 
  Just a lazy Sunday hanging with Mom and Dad!

Thursday, March 26, 2015

Acquiring Supplier Documents

This was such a perfect abbreviated list, I simply had to save this to supply to my customers when they can't manage to see it any way other than THEIRS!

5 Tips for Better Supplier Document Management

1. Ensure Reference Numbers Are Consistent
Nothing is worse than getting responses from suppliers informing you that they cannot provide the documents you requested because they don’t know what materials for which the request was made. This is simply because your reference numbers aren’t matching theirs. To avoid this conundrum, make sure the ingredient name and part numbers that you have in your system match that of your suppliers. This will save you a lot of time and back-and-forth emails in the long run.
2. Approve and Store Documents Quickly
Typically, I try to approve and store new documents within a day of receiving them. If you are collecting a large amount of documents, you don’t want to get behind in the reviewing/approving process, especially when you have automatic emails going out to suppliers. You will not gain any bonus points if the supplier has to send you an email stating that the document in question was sent over a month ago simply because you did not have the document reviewed and stored correctly.
3. Accept Many Different Document Forms in Different Formats
Action Forms and questionnaires are great for collecting and extracting data, but will be rendered useless if a supplier does not/refuses to fill them out. It makes sense when you think about it… If I were a supplier, I wouldn’t want to fill out multiple questionnaires from hundreds of different purchasers--that would be exhausting. To help remedy this situation, I suggest setting up your systems to accept any supplier document in as many file formats as possible, so long as the document satisfies your requirements.
4. Keep Emails Clear and Concise
When you do need to email a supplier, make sure emails are as clear and as short as possible. With suppliers presumably receiving a significant amount of emails daily, it’s imperative that you get to the point as quickly as possible. Don’t make it the supplier’s job to sift through an agonizingly long email. Keep it simple.
5. Make It Personal
When all else fails, give the supplier a call. And while we do live in a digital age, sometimes a simple call will make all the difference and produce results. I’ll admit, I am a Millennial and would rather send a text or an email versus having to call someone. But the fact is, calling works.