Thursday, November 29, 2012

Thanksgiving 2012, the Rest of the Story...

These are photos from our Thanksgiving this year. It was a wonderful weekend with the family. It was really great to see everyone and catch up after so long. There are videos, but I am waiting on my new computer before I get those posted.

This was the wonderful set up in Llano, Texas on my Aunt & Uncle's ranch! It was very cozy for the whole family and if the conversation got dull you could always let your eyes wonder over to the assortment of toys around us in the barn.


 It's finally time for dessert!

 Spending some quality time with the family!

 This is Levi. He has been around a very long time! Every time I am home I wonder if it is the last time I will see him. He has been around longer than any dog we ever had! He doesn't get around as well as he once did but he is a good dog!

How in the world I did not have any flats this trip I will never know!! I ran directly through multiple cactus and other "sharp" plants and yet not one flat tire. Tire slime really works!

 Scout ran through a cactus and had thorns all through his leg. It took a little while but we extracted all the thorns. He was a good sport about the operation. I noticed he tended to stay out of the cactus after this!