Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Looks like another Dual Sport ride to White Cloud, KS this coming Saturday

This will be the third time that we have planned on going up to White Cloud via river and backroads. It looks like this time may actually be a success. There are plenty of attendees and most of them have been up there before, so chances are decent that we will actually make it up. Right now we have four but that is one more than we had confirmed last week and there were eleven bikes at that ride! Hopefully we do not have 25% more this week. Yikes, that would be way to many bikes on those dry, dusty, county backroads. It would be memorable, that's for certain! The route we are following is on: www.DualSportMaps.com

This should be an awesome time. Logistics work out so much better when there are three of us trying to organize the whole ride! The details get ironed out much more quickly and easily than if one poor sap gets put in charge.

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