Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Counting Crows Concert

      It was a wonderful night with the Counting Crows. I was very surprised at how friendly all the band members were. I really expected them to be more distant. My wife and I got to listen to their whole sound check and the see the band actually practice some of their songs and work out kinks here and there. It was a great experience. 
      Our seats later on though were directly in front of two very drunk and very stoned brothers who were absolutely obnoxious. We broached the subject in a variety of ways but it kept getting worse. Finally, rather than have an altercation two drunk idiots, we decided to just relocate. Starlight was more than accommodating! They gave us much better seats and totally understood! It made our night even better. From then on we had a perfect night! It was a great experience!


  1. That picture of you guys with the band could not be cuter!!! more specifically Jessie could not be cuter. so excited that you guys got to have that experience.

  2. I agree though! She thought, "her smile was cheesy." I told her it was candid and awesome!