Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Finger Lakes State Park Near Columbia, MO

      These are just some snap shots from Saturday on our way to hit the trails at Finger Lakes. It was a great time. The trails were nice even being rutted out in places and there was plenty to keep us busy even though we were looking for the more open trails. The whole family had a good time, I think. I ended up pretty dehydrated  Saturday night and spent the evening/night walking to and form the restroom. I felt really crappy. I will carry my camelbak next weekend at Tuttle Creek ORV. I felt really bad about getting sick as it sort of killed Saturday night and Sunday morning but I guess stuff happens. Lesson learned hopefully!


  1. Poor pooch gets left behind...
    Any good pics from the actual trail ride?

  2. I have some from Tuttle but no photos from the trail ride at Finger Lakes. We have a ton of video but with my computer at home down I can't go through them to edit them. They are not really exciting but we have a few goof clips I think. I'll post the pictures I have in the Tuttle ORV post though.