Wednesday, June 13, 2012


    This was the first hotel of  the trip in Danbury Connecticut. 
 This was just a neat little mining town in PA that I stopped to fuel up in. Wish I had a better photo from the stop. It was a neat little place.


It rained. A ton. Every day but two. I was wet a lot of the time. It made parts of my trip less fun but didn't ruin the trip over all. I managed to have a good time, mostly because I got a hotel at the end of most of my very wet days and got to dry all my gear out.

 The only photo in Rhode Island

 This was a common occurrence after hitting Pennsylvania. I spent a ton in tolls throughout the trip. There were options to avoid the tolls but you end up spending a lot more time and miles to avoid the tolls. 

 This is what Maine looked like the whole time that I was their. It just refused to stop raining. It was cold and misty and very hard to see through. After riding through this type of precipitation for all of a day, I would say I would take a hard rain fall over this any day. Not to mention that it was pretty cold while I was there too.

The Log Jam Restaurant, where I ate my last meal in Lake George
This was a great meal!

The hotel in Lake George :)


This is the Comfort Suites that I stayed at in Lake George. It was a very nice hotel with a great staff. They really went out of their way to make me feel at home.


These are just some photos I took while bumming around Lake George and the surrounding area.


These are snap shots from the Rally and the area around the Rally. I didn't take many of the vendors but there were a ton of vendors there selling all sorts of stuff. 


This was one of my favorite bike I saw at the show.   This is the demo bike area. The photo doesn't do it justice. There were tons of dealers with tons of bikes that you could demo. I resisted the urge though and spent my time in other ways. In order to demo you have to invest a bit more time than I had at my disposal. There was just too much to see elsewhere.


Just look what they did to this poor vstrom (red bike above). It is just wrong. Ruined a perfectly good bike. The black one below is how it SHOULD be done! I love this bike. It is perfect! Set up for touring but prepared to take a beating!

 There were A LOT of bikes! It was really neat to see that many riders come together!

 This was a store that I kept passing in Lake George and I finally decided that I just had to stop and see what all was there. The building was the best part unfortunately. 

 The view out the door of the hotel in Lake George.

  I got a few geocaches throughout my trip....

After a hike up a nearby mountain I stopped and had lunch in this little diner called "The Loft". It was very tasty!


Fish Tacos!!! These were AWESOME!

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