Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Motorcycle Camping and Adventure Gear Buyers Guide

Motorcycle Camping and Adventure Gear Buyers Guide:

Although the article has some good recomendations I don't own any of their recomendations and I like my gear better than what they suggest. I have a Hoodoo REI tent.
A headlamp and lantern from black diamond that are tiny
MSR pocket rocket stove
GSI dualist mess kit
Eureka Silver City and a hoback for warmer temps
Prolite Plus Sleeping Mat by themarest
Compressable duffle for clothes made by Osprey that I LOVE!! MAkes clothes take up half the space and is very durable.
Bic lighter and waterproof matches for fire starting
Cotton balls coated in vasoline stuffed in a 35mm film canister for fire starting
Mountain Home backpacking meals and cliff bars for emergency food (both sold at walmart)
AND much more. Everything is small and light but above all, it is durable. I don't take anything that can't be dropped multiple times on a rock.
A small hammock is also a great idea. Makes a wonderful camp chair and sleeping spot but don't take just a hammock. There are not always trees available at camp. I learned this lesson the hard way. It took many trips to get my gear just right and it changes every time I leave on a new adventure.

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