Thursday, December 6, 2012

Finger Lakes State Park

There has been a last minute change of plans. I was headed to Milford State Park tonight and School Creek ORV tomorrow. Instead I am going to run out to Divert Lakes State Park.It should be perfect weather and it will be 12F warmer at night. Not much but better decision making material than a coin flip. I am really excited to get out there on the KDX. Last run was on the drz and it was pretty slow going.I am planning on thoroughly exploring the park except for that mx track.I'm not sure how Jessie's bike would handle the jumps but as it's her bike, I don't plan on finding out. Also, finger lakes is attached to the ORV so I can get everything ready tonight and just get up and ride come morning. It would have been nice to get some friends out there but everyone is busy, working, or injured so I'm hitting the trail solo. Actually that was the other reason I picked Finger Lakes. I carry a whistle but on a Friday there may not be anyone out at school creek to here my distress call in the event that I try something genius. I half considered going even further and hitting up Arkansas but gas prices won out and I chose closer to home. It is going to be a great time!

Posted from my galaxy III, so sorry about the typos :)

Later: It is perfect weather out. This is the best idea I have had in a while. What a beautiful way to spend an evening. Sitting here by the fire, cold beer in hand, stars overhead, and bike ready to go for tomorrow. Perfection!

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