Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Nick's Lucky Day

Jess had a very bad morning this morning. She flipped her car on Leavenworth county rd 14 (Rogers rd) on the way to work. She was relatively unscathed but her beloved 97 Toyota Corolla was not so lucky. It did a great job of protecting her when it mattered most however, there was little left of what the car used to be. 

 I am counting my lucky stars today though. We can replace the car and all of the possessions inside. Jess was not hurt and that is what matters most. It is sad to see our faithful ever-running corolla carted away for scrap but there was little option in the matter. Jess will be a more cautious driver as a result of the accident. Also, the car is going to be placed at the local high school to help young people consider the cost of inattentive driving or driving under the influence. Even though Jess was not under the influence, if it helps a young person (or anyone) drive more carefully, we don't mind the exaggeration of circumstances.

Our corolla will be missed. It was a rough day but there is much cause for celebration when everyone walks away intact. Give your loved ones an extra hug tonight. You don't know what tomorrow will bring and the smallest actions can have grave consequences.

Side note, despite a mostly collapsed front end and a full roll the airbags never deployed. It has been explained to us by multiple people but it still surprised me.

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  1. it won't just be placed at the high school on display. they will set up an entire mock drunk driving accident with multiple cars for prom season.