Saturday, May 25, 2013

House Listing Today!!!

The day is finally here and I am actually a little nervous. We have worked very hard over these past months and we finally have a go from our Realtors/ friends to list our home! I desperately hope that it sells in a timely manner. We have tried hard to make sure that we have done a good job on our repairs and prepping to  list our home. I can only hope that nothing comes up unexpectedly in our home inspection. Wish us luck for a quick sale and hopefully the next place will be the perfect place for us! Someone is getting a much better house for the almost the same money we paid for the house initially. We have really put a lot of love and work into our home and I think we can be proud of what we have done. There is room for some learning and improvement, as always in life, though. I was humbled a bit during our initial walk through at the simple realization that I had never actually thought to repair a very simple part replacement on our closet door. We have made our house a home over the years and it will be bitter sweet to jump into the unknown with our next home. I can only hope that we do a more thorough job of looking over our next home and locating any potential long term issues.

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