Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Almost Sold

It has been a very long year. We have been getting ready to sell our house for, what seems like, forever. We are almost done though. All we have to do, is get through appraisals and then get packed and move. There have been many hurdles along the way but it has been one heck of a learning experience. I like the idea of helping someone else sell their home, but I hate being on the selling end. It could have been much worse though and, all things considered, it did not take us near as long as we thought that it might to get it sold. I can't wait to be finished with everything though.

Our new home, in Smithville Missouri, has a bit of a "blank canvas" feel to it. The gentleman selling the house started countless projects, but never followed them through to the end. As a result, we got a much better price than we would have otherwise and we have an opportunity to make this house our home just the way that we want to. It is in a neighborhood near a number of different attractions. We should have plenty to keep us busy. Between kayaking, fishing, mountain bike riding, dirt biking, and renovating our new home, will have plenty to keep us entertained. The only downside is the commute to work but it will be more than worth it with everything we have nearby. A few friends will be much closer and some will be further but we are not moving out into the stix somewhere, where Jessie would be very bored while I was constantly entertained. I am hoping to get 5-10 acres of land in the very near future for all of our dirt bike, hunting, and relaxing needs. This will be quite an adventure and will offer many opportunities to learn a number of new skills.

Fingers crossed that nothing falls through on the deal! Wish us luck!

This house has been a wonderful starter home and I hope that the young lady buying it has even more great memories, stories, and laughs than we ever did.

Side note: It is much easier to be nostalgic now that we are almost out of the house. LOL. There was nothing wrong with it, but we are definitely ready to move on to the next stage in life.

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