Thursday, April 12, 2012

Almost Friday

Well, the weekend is right around the corner. Took it long enough. There are a lot of plans and hopefully the weather will not hamper too many. There was talk of a long overnight DS/ pavement ride, the weather has pushed that back for a few weeks though. Perhaps we will be able to make it happen the weekend after the group ride on April 21st.

I tried my hand at some light video editing these past few days and learned a few things:

1. It is very very time consuming
2. While fun and interesting to you, not every crappy homemade video I produce needs to be shared with the world at large. Many do not need to be shared at all. EVER.
3. Any computer you previously thought to be decent performs like crap under the work load induced by video editing.

So, this weekend looks like a great birthday celebration weekend and should be good fun. Some geocaching, maybe a movie, couple decent restaurants (including my favorite on Friday), some video games, beer, and if the weather changes, maybe we will even get a chance to get out and ride!

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