Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Sunday Ride

 Sunday was a great ride with my wife. We made it up into Nebraska via the scenic highway K7. It was a really beautiful ride. After Atchison the road transforms from straight, flat, boring, and heavily traveled into a nice curvy scenic ride. We made a pit stop at the scenic four state overlook in White Cloud KS, took a few photos, grabbed a geocache, and then kept on moving North. not for long though. Shortly after entering Nebraska hwy 7 ends and you are thrown onto 159. We grabbed a geocache at the mouth of 159 and 7 and then headed back the way we came. The plan was lunch at Lopez Mexican
restaurant in Atchison but we found out that they were closed. We elected to head back to Leavenworth and do our early dinner as Case Agave instead. It was delicious. For what started out as a rainy and dreary day, it was a gorgeous ride and a wonderful way to spend the afternoon. Along with all of the scenery we also saw a ton of reptiles along our path. Couple snakes, loads of frogs (alive and deceased), and a variety of other winged and scaled animals. I would run this road again anytime. If you take 14 out of Leavenworth up to where it runs into 7/73 and then a few other side roads along the way, it breaks up the straight and flat section between Leavenworth and Atchison quite nicely.

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