Monday, September 17, 2012


Simply a summary of information about the DRZ-400 found through other sources.

Displacement: 398CC
Weight: 319 (wet)
Transmission: 5 Speed (I WISH it was 6!!)

Fuel Capacity: (2.2 imp gal; 2.6 US gal)
MPG:44mpg average, but I have seen as low as mid thrities and as high as mid 50s. That right hand and gearing has a lot to do with it. I get best fuel economy at 45-55 and constant throttle. Above 65 seems to put quite a dent in MPG with 14:44 gearing.

Front Tire: 90/90-21 or 80/100-21 or 3.00-21
Rear Tire: 4.5-18 or 5.1-18 or 120/90-18
TIRE:  Kenda k270 tires most of the time. They are cheap and have been good all around tires. They can get a little funny in the wet but on the whole they have been a good tire for me. 

Sprockets: 15:44 Stock
Normally Run a good compromise of 14:44 or 14:47 for rough stuff 
Here is a good source for gearing:

Oil: Rotella 15w-40 from walmart at >16 for 4 quarts. I change filter every other or every third oil change and change the oil according to where I am riding. More dust or low speed rough stuff and I change it more frequently. 

Top Speed: 94mpg is the "internet top speed" but I have never been over 85. It vibrates a ton and is not fun at high speeds. This bike is very comfortable at 55 or less. 65 is manageable but it vibrates a lot with my 14:44 gearing. Perhaps 16:44 would be a better "touring" gear set up, although I have never tried it. That is what my other bike is for.

Height: 36.8" At 5'8" this bike is just a little taller than comfortable. It would be fine for someone with tons of experience but this is the bike I started exploring dirt on and at times the height can be hard on me. Once I adapted to it though I have come to appreciate the clearance at times.

Valve Adjustment Interval: 14k but this is just what the manual says. Many people check it more often. I am at 13xxx miles and haven't cracked it open just yet. The previous owner had them checked at 600 just to be safe after break in.
Valve Adjustment How-to site:

This is a great source of information on one person's perspective and experience:

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