Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Tuttle Creek ORV Near Olsburg, KS

      This labor day weekend my family and I went to the off road vehicle park at Tuttle Creek Lake. The park was a nice mix of terrain. It had plenty of flat area, steep to moderate climbs, and rocky ledges for the big rock crawlers. My brother had his klr 650, my parents had a 570cc razor, and I was on my drz 400. It was a challenge at times to avoid the big ledges and the steep climbs but after a half day of so of exploring we knew the park pretty well. Once you know where you don't want to be it is a good time. Had our group had more experience I think we would have managed 90% of what the park had to offer. I would still venture to say that it is beginner friendly as long as you take your time and pay close attention to what you are getting into up ahead. We had to walk a few trails just to make sure that they were manageable. I will post up some videos later to give a better representation, at least some, of what the park had to offer. The trails were nice and dry and although there were some deep ruts I would not say that the park was "rutted out", by any means. I would say that the park is NOT big bike friendly unless you are bringing substantial experience along with your "big" bike. A klr 650 was a bit much at times I think, although you would have to check with my brother for more on that. A drz 400 felt about perfect. I did not go with stock gearing however. I was -1 front and +2 or +3 rear (can't remember for certain). 

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