Friday, November 9, 2012

Cracked KDX 200 Engine Case

My wife's kdx 200 has a crack in the clutch side engine case. At first, I thought that it had happened on some rocks at the ORV park in Disney, OK. Come to find out though, on closer inspection it was actually a result of the kick start lever striking the case at the end of the kick start stroke. I was very surprised but it doesn't change the dripping oil from the case. I removed the cover and applied jb weld to the crack. I heated up the cover with a blow torch so the the cover would take a little more of the jb weld into the crack and allowed the cover to dry. I applied gasket sealant to the cover and replaced the cover on the engine. I let the bike sit over night without oil in it and added oil this morning. So far the repair is holding but obviously I need to run the bike around to fully test it. A new engine cover runs about 66 dollars and with everything going on next Spring I would really like to save any money that I can. The crack was very small but it allowed the case to drip just a bit of oil once the bike was warmed up. You need to be sure to drain the oil form the bike before you open up the case though, or else you will have a mess. This should be obvious though to anyone looking at venturing into their engine. I hope...

Tomorrow, Jessie wants to head out again and get some more riding in. I would love to try somewhere else but School Creek is just so far to haul for one day's worth of riding. I think that we are most likely going to go out to Oakland again but I am going to let her decide. It is going to be a good time no matter what!

Follow Up: JB weld and gasket sealer have solved the case crack problem. An impact Saturday though jarred some gunk loose in the garb though and now the overflow hose on the carb bowl is pouring a steady stream of fuel out. Not a good thing. I will be tearing into the carb to clean it out in the next couple days and hopefully it just needs to be cleaned and there is nothing worn out. Either way, should be an easy repair once I isolate the issue.

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