Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Arkansas Ride 4/26/12



 All that riding and we finally arrived at the resort we were meeting family at. We were a bit early so Jess and I went for a little hike but shortly the family arrived and the fun continued!

These were three of the local dining options that we frequented while we were out on our journey! I highly recommend Hubba Bubba Subz!!!! They were by the far the friendliest restaurant that I have ever been too and the food was wonderful! They were local dining striving to be the best that it can be and it was a wonderful experience to dine with them! Stringbeanz was delicious as well. Country time was a buffet and although good eating not my favorite place. The people were nice but nothing like the experiences that I had at the other two places. The one time that we went "chain" in Arkansas we were very disappointed. The KFC in Harrison Arkansas was the worst dining experience I have ever had. That place needs to be shut down, it was awful!!!

 If my wife asks, you never saw this photo :P


  1. I see a Jayhawk - Welcome to the Light! It's like the prodigal son returns AND repents!

    Good pics. You two should roadtrip this direction this summer. After early June I should be in town all summer.

  2. I wanted something I didn't mind getting sweaty and nasty. ;)

    I am hoping that we will get out that way come July but with the way the summer is headed so far, only time will tell. I am betting that we make it happen though. The Mrs. said a 400+ mile day is about her limit but Sunday was nearly 500 and I got no complaints about mileage, just about the 2 hours of rain :)

  3. Also, that is a complete lie ("sweaty and nasty comment"). That is simply the MOST comfortable shirt that I own. Don't know why but I LOVE that shirt.