Friday, May 25, 2012

Going to be a long, but productive, evening...

Tonight I have to get my plugs, oil, and battery changed on my V-strom. After this evening I hope to have the bike ready to go out to Americade!! Hopefully I do not discover some previously unknown issue with the bike but better now than on the road I suppose! Hopefully the maintenance goes quickly so that I will have time to pack the bike as well. Wish me luck. Still wondering if I should have changed the air filter but I am planning on just blowing it off and throwing it back in the bike. Fingers crossed that I don't pay for being cheap later on.

I met with my riding buddy last night to finalize plans for the journey. It went well but we still have yet to pick a return route. We are thinking of doing it on the fly but I question the wisdom of this move. Either way, it will be an adventure and hopefully it is more fun than we could have dreamed. The weather looks a bit cool and a touch wet but overall it should be pleasant. That is what I am telling myself at least :) . I won't be posting much while we are out but hopefully I will have a ton to post up when I get back! Lobster here I come!! Only two more days of work!!!! It is coming up quick!!

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