Wednesday, May 16, 2012

One more Day of Work...After Today

I have so much to do over the coming weeks to get ready for Americade. Basically, the only thing I have done, is get new tires on the V-strom. I have not even completely finished my route planning for the trip. I am hoping that I can manage to come up with something that is a good time while still covering decent mileage each day. The hard part is dealing with the fact that we have so far to go that we can't really afford to not be headed in the proper direction the whole time. I also have to reserve campgrounds and find them for the Rally itself. I tried to recruit one more rider but it looks like it is still a dynamic duo for the moment.

Friday is the big day around here and then we are back to work on Wednesday. After that I have only one weekend standing between Americade and myself!

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