Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Last night in my nice warm bed

Well, tonight is the last night before I am off. I am extremely excited but very nervous. Always wondering if I missed something, or if I took care of everything that I needed to before I leave. Hopefully, I can give the bike a quick once over and then spend the night out on the town with my lovely wife. It is a bummer that my trip is now solo, but it should be a good time still. I am going without any reservations at hotels or campsites along the way. This allows me to not feel pressured to make it too far or to stop too early if I feel like continuing on. All said and done I will have over 3500 miles if I make it all the way to Acadia National Park and then back to Americade after that. On the way back I am planning on coming through  Canada and having only left the country one time, that will be really neat on a motorcycle. Just have to remember kph ;) Wish me luck! I plan on posting up pictures along the way if I have signal and battery in my phone.

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