Monday, March 19, 2012

Another Great Ride

After have such an awesome Saturday the last thing I expected was a Sunday just as good. We rode about 200 miles of pavement yesterday. There were four bikes and six people. There were three couples and we had an awesome time. We road many of the classic favorites around Weston and Atchison. We hit, 73, 14, 116, H, M, V, and P. P was the only Alphabet road that I had not ridden and it was a great rode. It wasn't as tight as H but there were more twists and turns to get you engaged. From Weston we ran through Leavenworth and back out 5 near where the day began, not far from 45 and 435. At the end of hwy 5 we stopped and stood and talked for a while. Just chatting and having a good time. The rest of the group was headed off to grill and continue the day but my wife and I had to head home to prep for the busy week this week. It was a great ride. It is nice to ride with riders that keep you entertained but never leave you wondering if you are going to make it home or to jail that from that ride.
I wish I hadn't had to pack and clean up the house last night though. Grilling meat sounded phenomenal. I did get some packing done though. Now I just have to get the route planned for Thurs. and Friday!

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