Monday, March 26, 2012

New AC Unit is broken down...

My wife and I just replaced our AC unit in August. It was brand new and professionally installed. She flipped it on for the first time yesterday and it is now down for the count again. The fan on the unit is out. The compressor runs but evidently the fan is out. The really crappy thing is that this is EXACTLY what killed our last unit. Now, thanks to this hi jinx we may have to cancel our plans this week and deal with this instead. I really thought that after putting in a whole new unit, that we would not have to deal with the air conditioner anymore while we were in this house. We are only planning on staying in this house for another year or two so I really hate to throw any money at the house unless I absolutely have to. The upside to the whole thing is that the unit is still under warranty and so HOPEFULLY no money will have to change hands. I am skeptical though.

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