Friday, March 16, 2012

KLR650 Tire Change

It took most of the evening. We finally got the new kenda k270 on. It was much easier with the new setup.

It has come to my attention that I gave no info on how we managed the tire change. A old wheel off a car, with a garden hose split and taped on the open side, helps a ton. The garden hose taped on the open side serves to protect the moto wheel or spokes. Having the car wheel allows the rotor or sprocket to sit protected while you man handle your tire onto the rim. I picked up a wheel for $10 at a local garage, just called and asked and was rewarded. I have the 12" motion pro tire irons (2) and a motion pro deal to clip onto the spokes and keep one section down while freeing up a hand. There are great youtube videos on tire changes that will help.

 I never bother with balancing and have never had any problems.

Don't let tire changing intimidate you. It is good practice for trail flats and will save you a ton of money for other farkles. It is a struggle the first few times but you get proficient quickly! Good luck!

A great link for general KLR questions and info :
KLR650 Motorcycle Maintenance

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