Saturday, March 17, 2012

Leavenworth to White Cloud and back

3/17/2012 Leavenworth to White Cloud DS Loop

We began the day by meeting at Santa Fe Depot for some breakfast and, more importantly, some coffee. Chris F. and I showed up first and had time to wake up a little before everyone else arrived. Shortly after three more bikes arrived and we sat down for some breakfast. 
Santa Fe Depot

Shortly after breakfast we buzzed up to Atchison and right on through. The town was teaming with St. Patty's Day happenings but we managed to squeak through despite the crowds. 

After A short pavement stent in Atchison we then progressed to a rougher section and managed to warm up a bit. Enough so, that a pit stop was required so that clothing could be adjusted accordingly.

After some water and a few minutes we departed again. The roads were dry for the most part except for a few sections. It was really just about perfect. The day was overcast and neither hot nor cold. 

Chris filling up
A quick fill up in Wathena and then we were off again. We were making great time and so we passed on the planned lunch stop in Wathena. 

Chris S. at the Wathena gas stop
A few minutes were spent debating on the weather and making some predictions but then it was on to the last stretch up to White Cloud. 

It didn't take long and we arrived in the ghost town that is White Cloud, KS. It was a bit creepy to roll into town and see a bunch of closed businesses and nothing really going on. I am not sure I really saw one person out in the whole town. 
White Cloud
We stopped for a moment by the Missouri River to check out the flood damage and take a breather. It was a little shocking to see how high the water really got.
This sink was in a bathroom near the water. It was submerged at some point it appeared. 

A few more minutes were spent lounging about and then it was off to the nearby scenic overlook for some nice photos and a view of, allegedly, four states. We are pretty sure we could see three but the group was in agreement that there was no way we could see Iowa. Perhaps on an extremely clear day it would be possible.

This was Nebraska as viewed from the overlook.

It was a great day and a really nice ride. My favorite section by far was the bit up from Atchison to Wathena. It was a really fun section. I already have intentions of returning to that area just to run a few loops around that portion.

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